Day 193: Wednesday July 12, 2017

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope everyone’s rocking their week so far. Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. To be honest I wasn’t very productive yesterday. My medical condition is kicking my ass lately and it’s been messing with my motivation to do pretty much anything. But today is another day, today is Hump Day, can’t disappoint the camels now can we?

Work was pure insanity today. I was so busy that I forgot to eat. Now for me I know that’s a big deal because food is basically the love of my life; so when I’m so busy I forget to eat, it’s some serious stuff. I was so focused on getting my stuff done that I had major tunnel vision. It was a huge relief getting my first really important task at this new job done within the needed timeline; does it make me a huge nerd that it gave me an adrenaline rush? It totally does, I know it does (crown me Queen of the nerds).

Is anyone else having serious chocolate cravings lately? I am really trying to focus on eating well and making sure all my meals are prepped and planned (time, money, and calorie saver, *self high five*) but that chocolate craving is still hanging around. I could eat chocolate any hour of the day, as a complete meal; and no I swear I’m not five years old.

Instead of cracking under the pressure and eating all the chocolate in sight, I’ve tried to find healthier alternatives that still taste delicious and get that sugar craving off my back. I’m all about smoothie bowls for breakfast. I just throw in tons of frozen berries, some Greek yogurt, goji berries, chia seeds, flax seeds, and nuts. These toppings not only taste delicious, but they’re healthy, and they fill me up enough that I’m not hungry again an hour later. 

After work I needed to do something to clear my mind. With work being so insane all day I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym at lunch. Because of that I was seriously going crazy when I got home. I just needed to move; I didn’t care if it was running, HIIT, yoga, I just needed to move. Because my back is still on the mend and I’m not feeling so hot (health wise and because this summer weather is seriously sucking) I decided to do an awesome yoga flow.

I’m still working on the Journey Junkie 30 day pose journey and I am loving it. I’m slowly starting to notice my flexibility increase and it is awesome. I’m not at any complicated fancy poses yet, don’t worry I know my limits for the safety of everyone in my near vicinity while I yoga, but I’m expanding my yoga pose repertoire and it’s great. I always feel so connected, at peace, and whole while practicing yoga. There’s something about needing to focus on my breathing, the poses and getting mind, body, and soul to really feel connected that really gets me feeling amazing. 

Hope everyone’s had an awesome Hump Day. Here’s to the rest of the week being epic and productive. And hopefully the rest of the week will be just as awesome (or even more since I’ll remember to eat my lunch). Cheers everyone!

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