Day 194: Thursday July 13, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone. Hope everyone’s having a wonderful last half of the work week. Today was a crazy learning day for me, and it was AWESOME! I’ve been soaking up knowledge as much as I can lately and it is changing my life.

As you guys know, I’m slightly not so slightly addicted to podcasts. I’ve come across a few ones new to me recently and keeping up with my favourites. I love podcasts for the ease with which you can gather so much information with so little effort. I can listen to my podcasts all day at work and gain so much information that is invaluable and let’s face it, I never learned anything this unbelievably helpful in school. The podcasts I listen to are coming from subject matter experts in their fields. I love that I can get information on the subjects that interest me to further my business, fitness, and so many other interest from people who have had success in those areas. Being able to take the knowledge from these experts and put it into action in my own life is something I’ve wanted to do for years and before podcasts I was honestly at a loss. With novels and self help books there is so much information and usually in ways that are more for individuals already on their business journey rather than people like me just starting out. I have been fortunate enough to find podcasts that just fit so well with my life, work, and fitness journeys that I feel helped, motivated, and excited to continue my journey with the support and knowledge I receive through the podcasts I listen to.

You guys have heard me mention a few podcasts before but here’s my list of my top favourites. They’re cantered around career, entrepreneurship, motivation, health, and fitness. I hope you guys are able to get even a tenth of the guidance, help, and motivation I’ve received from listening to these podcasts.

The School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes


– Instagram: Lewishowes

– Twitter: @Lewishowes

Pursuit with Purpose with Melyssa Griffin

– Twitter: @MelyssaGriffin

– Instagram: melyssa_griffin


Earn Your Happy Podcast with Lori Harder

– Instagram: Loriharder


– Twitter: @LoriHarder 

Let it Out with Katie Dalebout

– Instagram: katiedalebout

– Twitter: @katiedalebout


Radically Loved Radio with Rosie Acosta

– Twitter: @RosieAcosta

– Instagram: RosieAcosta 

The Lively Show with Jess Lively

– Instagram: jessclively

– Twitter: @JessCLively


Truth and Dare with Carly Talbott and Allie Van Fossen

– Instagram: truthanddaremovement 


After all the mind blowing knowledge that occurred today I had to get some moving in from feeling so motivated and energized. When I got home I got in an awesome yoga session. It felt so nice to just destress my body, relax, stretch, and focus with a wonderful yoga flow curtesy of The Journey Junkie. Whether a beginner like me or amazingly advanced, The Journey Junkie yoga flows are sure to get you connected and well on your way to yogi status (that and you’ll get super flexible and strong, which is AWESOME!). 

The Journey Junkie

Instagram: Thejourneyjunkie Allie Van Fossen

YouTube: The Journey Junkie 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thursday. Today was one of those productive days I always love. Perspective definitely plays a huge roll in this though (I’m no superhero). Instead of looking at all the tasks I have to do and challenges I have to deal with daily, whether big or small, and getting overwhelmed by them I choose to look at them as an exciting challenge that will help to push me to become a better version of myself. My new challenge to myself is going to be to only look at things with rose coloured glasses. Regardless of whether a positive or negative situation, I will look for the good, think of the good, and seek out the good around me. Let’s see how the law of attraction turns things around when I put it into practice.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday tomorrow, and then it’s the WEEKEND. Cheers! 


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