Day 195: Friday July 14, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone’s had an awesome day. Today was another productive one (self high five) in both work and fitness. I’m still riding this wave of feeling super motivated and I am loving it.

Work was insanely busy today. I was nonstop doing new tasks, learning new things, taking notes on everything, feeling like a flower in a tornado, and loving every second of it. I love this new job. I love the challenge it offers me. I love the wonderful environment. I love the vibe the place has with all my kind coworkers. This place is a place I can see myself growing in. I can see myself making positive, meaningful contributions. I can see myself making my soul happy; and that’s my main goal.

Of course I hit the gym on my lunch. It was crazy, I walked in and it was empty. The entire gym with tens of pieces of equipment, and it was EMPTY. This is something I don’t understand. How can people want to change and have full access to tools for change and not use them? Now don’t take this as me saying I’m perfect because I am far from it. I have those ugh days. We all have those days when we don’t want to do anything. When we just want to be lazy and not get things done. But lately I’ve made up my mind. Life is too damn short to not go after what I want. I want to get in shape. I want a healthy strong body. I want so many things. And I will make them happen. So today on the treadmill I didn’t take it easy. I did a workout on the steepest incline I could (yes I pretty much held on for fear of falling off) and I went as fast as I could. Yes my legs burned the whole time, yes I wanted to stop and take it easy; but that’s not how I get results. I get results by working my ass off and pushing through the discomfort. I know there will be crappy days, but getting through them is what’s going to make the end result so perfect and the journey so wonderful. 

This way of thinking only got reinforced by a quick podcast I was listening to today, while working out actually so it was definitely some fortuitous timing. It was a Lewis Howes School of Greatness podcast episode about how we really have everything we need within ourselves and at our disposal to achieve everything we want. The only reason we don’t achieve the goals we set out to achieve is because we make excuses. We make excuses for why we cant do something, like maybe we don’t REALLY want it, maybe we want something else, anything that gives us an easy way out. But the truth is, with how we are now with our access to technology and resources, if we want information, we can get it. The podcast seemed like a tough love speech but when it comes down to it, Lewis was 100% right. If you want something bad enough you find a way to make it happen. You work day and night, get all resources at your disposal that will help, you do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality.

When I got home I was still jazzed from the awesome lunch workout (yes I said jazzed I was that excited, random happy words are allowed) that I did an awesome yoga flow. It feels so awesome destressing after a crazy busy day with some mind/body/soul yoga courtesy of The Journey Junkie. 

Hope everyone’s had an awesome productive Friday. Here’s to an equally fantastic weekend full of goal setting, challenge crushing, and general greatness. TGIF everyone. Cheers!

The Journey Junkie 

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Lewis Howes The School of Greatness Podcast

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