Day 196: Saturday July 15, 2017

Happy weekend everyone. Once again it’s wonderful weekend time. Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Saturday however you’re spending it. Today was a crazy busy day but I absolutely loved it.

My day started early because I was meeting a friend to go out for breakfast. So I got up early, got all ready, and headed out to catch the bus. I’ve been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne lately and trying to work with it in my daily life so I figured I would try it today and honestly it worked. Crazy as it sounds, it worked. I left when I thought I needed to to catch my bus and got there just as it was pulling away (2 minutes early mean bus) so of course I ran to catch it; I mean who wants to delay delicious breakfast.

After my bus ride I arrived at my friend’s place and it was time for breakfast. We decided to go to Baker Street Cafe since she’d heard of the deliciousness and knows that anytime she wants to try new food places I’m always game. It was a delicious experience from start to finish. While we were waiting in line, one of the cooks of he restaurant brought out some mini oatmeal chocolate chip muffins and oh my were they amazing. They were melt in your mouth delicious and just enough to not have us insanely starving while waiting to be seated at our table. When we got our meals it was a smorgasbord of deliciousness. All the food was so flavourful and tasty I just couldn’t stop eating. I got so much food that I didn’t know how I was going to go about eating it all but I just didn’t want to stop eating it because it was so wonderful (come on, you know you’ve done that before too).

After our amazing breakfast we desperately needed to walk off all that food, I mean there was a serious food coma setting in and major food baby status. To cure this serious fullness we walked around the neighbourhood and soaked up the amazing weather. It was unbelievably gorgeous outside so we wanted to stay outside for as long as possible. We walked around a lot so my friend could give me a tour of her neighbourhood. We went to the farmers market and saw all the delicious local food, drinks, and the beautiful plants and delicious looking vegetables from local growers. Even though I didn’t need anything I almost bought so much stuff, thank you decent self control. 

We walked around for a solid two hours which I am insanely grateful for because I was feeling so full I needed that cardio to get some breathing room back. After our awesome breakfast and walk I headed back home to spend some time with family. Because the weather was so amazing I even decided to go for a swim. It felt so wonderful finally having summer weather in the summer, funny right I thought that was a given. I didn’t care how cold the water was, I was going in. It was definitely a brisk jump in at first but felt so nice once I was finally in. It was so relaxing and replenishing to just be in the water, listen to the wind, breathe in the fresh air, and really fully experience my day. I even managed to get some reading in, I’m totally soaking in The Secret. Seriously you guys, I can’t put this book down, the advice is so simple and makes so much sense. I know I’m totally late to the party reading it but hey better late than never right?

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend. Here’s to the rest of the weekend being relaxing, productive, whatever it needs to be, but most of all, awesome. Cheers!

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