Baker Street Cafe: Breakfast of Champions 

Ok so if you’ve read anything on here you know I pretty much live for food. I love food, all kinds of food. I also love trying new restaurants, if it’s got delicious food I automatically want to know about it, eat there, and partake in the deliciousness. So when a girlfriend of mine suggested trying a restaurant near her place for breakfast, of course I was game. 

We went to a cute restaurant called the Baker Street Cafe. It’s a tiny little restaurant in the heart of Westboro. It’s insanely popular for those in the know, as was evident by the out-the-door line of fifteen people waiting to be seated. And after eating there I can completely understand why.

Even before eating our breakfast this place went above and beyond to make our experience awesome. While waiting in line, which was only ten minutes so not bad at all, they brought out some fresh baked mini muffins for those of us in line to snack on while we waited. The smell of the muffins alone was enough to hold me until breakfast but when someone offers you fresh baked restaurant mini muffins from the source can you really say no? Turns out I couldn’t say no, but at least I only had one so I had plenty of room for the unbelievably delicious breakfast that awaited me. 

I decided to go all out for breakfast and got eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fruit. Oh my gosh it was delicious. First came the delicious coffee, because what’s breakfast without coffee. Ok that may just be me but coffee and breakfast go hand in hand for me and I wasn’t disappointed. The individual who served us was so attentive and quick with making sure we had our orders taken and coffee and water while we waited for our meals; he even left the pot at the table just in case we wanted more so basically he’s one step below perfect.

When we got our food, we honestly didn’t know where to start, everything looked so delicious. What’s better, everything tasted just as delicious as it looked. Everything was so flavourful and cooked perfectly that I wanted to devour everything immediately. What’s more, they even gave me toast to go with my meal, on top of the pancakes I had gotten. And to be honest when I ordered the pancakes I had thought they’d be the smaller pancakes you usually see with breakfasts; not here. These pancakes were full size pieces of fluffy deliciousness. 

Everything about this place was wonderful. The cute atmosphere, awesome customer service (special award goes to the mini muffins and table coffee pot), reasonable price (considering how much food there was), and of course the amazingly delicious food. I’d definitely recommend this place for anyone craving a delectable breakfast.


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