Day 198: Monday July 17, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone’s had an awesome start to the work week. It was another beautiful day today, thank you Mother Nature for finally giving us Summer weather.

Work was insane today. You guys have those days at work where you do a million things but still feel like a hamster on a wheel by the end of the day? That was me today. I know I did get some stuff done today but it still felt a little discouraging seeing that huge pile of work still on my desk. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day and I’ll crank it out. Game face people, this is not a drill.

I was at least productive on the workout side of things at work today; there’s one ✅ on my otherwise gigantic unchecked to-do list. I did a killer treadmill workout today. I did an interval training workout at maximum incline. Not going to lie, I was holding on to not fall off by the end of it. It was killer in the best way possible. I just need to remember this for tomorrow morning when I wake up try to get out of bed and my legs give out on me.

I really do love working so close to home. It still amazes me being able to get home, cook dinner, have everything ready for work tomorrow, and have my workout at home done by 6:30pm; it’s amazing. Having this extra time gives me time to write more, read more, and do more yoga, I love all of it. I got in an awesome yoga session after dinner today. It felt soooo nice to stretch out my body after the treadmill today. The treadmill workout was great but my legs and glutes were so tight when I got home I seriously needed some stretching to get them feeling less like tense elastic and more like pool noodles. I love yoga for the way I can track my progress. I can see how my flexibility and balance increase and how my form improves with each passing day. 

I’m trying really hard to focus on keeping a positive outlook on things, thanks to reading “The Secret” and I’m telling you now, it’s some serious brain work. Every time a negative thought enters my mind I have to replace it with a positive one. It sounds simple and in truth it is but actually putting it into practice takes serious work. It’s crazy how many negative thoughts we have in a day, at first I didn’t realize how many, that was until I really started paying attention to all of them. It’s hard work actively changing them but I’m glad I’m working on it. I feel a change when I change my thinking. When I go from a negative thought to a positive one, I can feel an actual shift in my whole being; my breath gets calmer, my chest doesn’t feel so tight, my body becomes less tense, there’s so many little things that change, it really is shocking. I challenge you to try it. Tomorrow, when you have a negative thought do this: recognize it, acknowledge it, look at that situation and see how you can look at it from a positive perspective, and see how you change. I guarantee you’ll notice a change after some work. It’s a crazy interesting experience to say the least, and I can’t wait to see how this change will change my whole experience in the long term.

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful day. Here’s to tomorrow being equally wonderful. And in those moments you catch yourself feeling down or angry or upset about something, try to change the view and look at it from a positive perspective and see if you can continue to do that throughout the day and build on it. It takes practice but the results are pretty awesome. Hope everyone has a wonderful, epic, awesome tomorrow. Cheers!

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


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