Day 209: Friday July 28, 2017

TGIF everyone! Hope everyone has had a fantastic day, because it’s Friday and what’s not fantastic about that?

Work was weird today. Not so much weird as random stuff happening but more weird as in how the time passed. The morning flew by as usual like every day usually does at work. But after I got my workout in which felt amazing as always, the afternoon just DRAAAAGGED on. It honestly felt like my last 3 hours of my day was a full 8 hour work day. I have no idea why but the day just wasn’t going quickly even with doing all my stuff. Now please don’t mistake this feeling of “ugh” as a lack of gratitude because that’s just not the case. I am so grateful I have a wonderful job, that I work with such kind supportive people, that I work close to home so can spend more time doing things I love, all those things I have and am so grateful I do. It was just one of those days where time decided to go on slow motion. This did end up being useful for me though. With time going so slow I somehow managed to get a ton of stuff done so that’s the bright side.

I also made sure to make work as productive as possible by listening and learning with my podcasts. I discovered a podcast that I am so glad I did, call it serendipitous timing or the universe giving me a gift but I’m so glad I found this podcast. For all the wonderful women out there reading this I highly recommend listening to the Alpha Female Podcast with Robyn Baldwin. This podcast is all about female empowerment and how to really own being an Alpha Female and how that label can be a catapult to amazing things, unlocking, and achieving your full potential. With the advice and tips given in this podcast you’ll be able to unlock your inner Alpha Female and conquer any task or challenge you undertake. 

After work I got in some much needed friend time. Today we decided to do something more on the relaxing side of things and go out to a movie. For me, recharging my energy with friends can take many different forms. Some days want to be super productive so we will hang out and work on our side projects; other days we’ll just lounge and talk; other days it’s going out for an adventure discovering something new around the city. Whatever it is, spending time with such wonderful friends always gets my energy up and my soul and vibration feeling awesome and elevated. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Hope challenges were conquered, goals were crushed, new adventures were had, and overall awesomeness enjoyed. Hope everyone can enjoy an equally great weekend, full of adventure, relaxation, or whatever you need it to be. Cheers!

Robyn Baldwin 

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