It’s a Wonderful Life, Isn’t It

Day 217: Saturday August 5, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. This weekend is a trip weekend for me so I’m soaking in every moment and absolutely loving it. 

I got to go to Seneca Falls, New York. Now if you’re like me and have never before heard of it, don’t worry, I’m sure you aren’t alone. Seneca Falls is a tiny little town near Watertown, New York. The reason for this visit was because I wanted to visit the museum of my favourite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. 

Now yes I know, before you say anything, It’s a Wonderful Life is an old movie, but I absolutely adore it. There’s just something so endearing about the story and the lesson it teaches us. It’s so important to remember that no matter how hard life gets or how dark the road ahead seems, there are people who love and care about you and need you around and their lives are better for having you in it. 

The day I found out there was an It’s a Wonderful Life museum I knew I had to visit. Every inch of this place was a dream for people like me who love this movie. There are exhibits from floor to ceiling of unbelievable aspects of the movie. There were old scripts, photographs from the set, little exhibits about the incredible actors and actresses in the film, and so much more I can’t even begin to describe it all. 

I was in heaven the whole time I was in the museum. I read every caption accompanying each exhibit. I soaked it all in. It was amazing. I am so grateful I was able to visit this place that represents something that means so much to me. 

What makes this weekend even better is that I get to spend it with family. Being able l take this vacations with my family means so much to me. Having us so close brings so much joy and love into my life that I really don’t know what I would do without them. Making memories with people you love is so important, and the more, the better. 

I finished off my day with moonlight yoga in the grass. It was so great being able to end my day on such a peaceful note. Being on vacation doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your workouts, just have to improvise. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday. Here’s to an equally fantastic Sunday. Cheers!


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