Totally discombobulated 

Day 220: Tuesday August 8, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone! Ok so I had yesterday off (thank you long weekend!!) and I have been so thrown off my schedule today it’s ridiculous. I keep thinking today is Monday and doing my Monday stuff because yesterday wasn’t a typical Monday so my brain is all scattered and not in the zone. How do you get back to a normal schedule after some time off? I’m going to try and get back into the groove of things tomorrow so wish me luck. 

Work was busy today and so much learning happened. I love how I’ve been in this job almost two months but still every single day I am learning new things. I’ve always said that I want a career where I will learn every day. I just think there’s so much knowledge out there and anyone knows something you don’t so any time I learn something new I consider it a success. Today was a sure success based on that criterium. I was learning so much today I had at least four pages back to back of notes from the new stuff today. 

From the crazy hectic learning this morning, my workout was a requirement. My back is feeling much better (thank you not feeling like a tin man) so I decided to crank out a killer treadmill workout. I did one of those workouts where the incline was so steep I was holding on for dear life. Having to keep holding on to the railing for fear of falling off and feeling my legs burning like fire has to count for something right? 

Another way I was productive today was in my learning outside of work. I missed not listening to any podcasts during my trip this weekend so today was my coach up on podcasts day. Every time I listen to a podcast I always get out such awesome information. And with the podcasts I listen to I’ve been able to connect with so many intelligent, driven, kind entrepreneurs and self development leaders. It has been so unbelievably useful to listen to these podcasts, gain such relevant information, and apply it to my life in every area: my health, my fitness, my blog, my work, my wanting to start a business. Anything in your life there’s a podcast out there for you. 

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful day. Here’s to the rest of the week being full of learning, challenge overcoming, goal crushing, and overall awesomeness. Cheers!


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