Dear lonely me

Dear lonely me,

I’m so sorry you feel this way. We all have those times where we just feel alone in the world. And here’s the thing, the more we accept this feeling, the more we see it around us. So here’s my advice to you. 

First things first, make sure you find out how to love yourself. Too many times we think lonely = alone; and that is just not true. When you find how to be comfortable with being alone, loneliness becomes a much less recurrent issue. When you learn your true awesomeness, let’s face it, you’re pretty epic, you’re much easier able to be alone and know that that’s ok. 

Now I know you’ve never been a girl who needs a guy to feel validated (thank mom for that one) but there were times you wanted someone special. But there were of course times when you saw people around in relationships looking so happy and in love and you know what, you saw it because that’s what you were looking for. Remember, when you look for something you will find it. So in looking for all these happy relationships that’s what you saw and that in turn made you feel lonely (vicious cycle right there). 

So here’s my remedies for this loneliness. First things first, know your worth. Knowing how much you can give to those around you and how much positivity you can give to those around you not only changes your mood but it’ll raise your vibration and bring more of that good into your life. Next, give good all you can. The more you give to those around you the better you’ll feel. Doing good draws good into your life and with these actions you’ll draw equally awesome people to you. Another thing you need is to remember to have faith. Having faith in your life, your purpose, and your journey can only bring that much more positivity into your life. 

I just want to apologize. I know you’ve had those hard days of feeling lonely and not knowing if you’d get out of it. But there are good times. Good things happen when you will them into your life. You can have everything you want. You can have the life of your dreams. This feeling of loneliness doesn’t last. When you find your tribe and love them, loneliness doesn’t really factor into the equation. Just wait, it all gets better. 




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