Magic and Manifestation: My Love for Mantras

This is fairly new for me but I have recently become a big fan of mantras. I use mantras in literally every aspect of my life: gratitude, work, love, success, happiness, the options are endless. 

For me, mantras are the best way to get connected to your body and soul and really focus on what’s important. Mantras are like conversations with our soul and our true purpose. Any time I feel misaligned with my purpose or like I want to give up, I find a mantra for the situation and repeat it continuously until I get out of that funk. 

I will admit that at the start of using mantras I felt weird. It felt like I was just continuously talking to myself and not even for a purpose. But the more I used them and the more I repeated them, the more I began to FEEL what I was saying. They weren’t just words I was saying to myself anymore, they were truths I was bringing to myself and helping to manifest in my life. 

Now you may be thinking, “How do I come up with a mantra? How do I find one that really resonates with me?” luckily there’s plenty of places to go if you’re on the hunt for mantras. My first stop is one that nearly everyone uses; go to social media. There are countless Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram accounts full of mantras for nearly every subject imaginable. Here is a list of my top mantras to use when I’m needing inspiration: 

Mantras for Health:

– I am stronger than the pain

– I am healing my body every single day 

– My body is full of health and wellness

– My body feels vital and healthy 

Mantras for Fitness:

– my body is getting stronger with each workout 

– My workouts get me closer to my goal 

– My body burns fat easily

– Fat just gets burned off my body 

– I can feel my muscles getting stronger 

Mantras for Work:

– I am focused on my tasks

– I am efficient and get my work done quickly 

– I am thankful I have a job 

– This job provides me with the money I want to live my adventures 

Mantras for Living Your Best Life:

– I am in control of my life

– Good glows to me easily 

– Good things come my way 

– I send good vibes out to the universe and I receive them right back 

– I have everything I need 

– I am thankful for everything I have 

– I am thankful for the opportunities I am given 

Mantras for Money:

– money is drawn to me 

– I have plenty of money 

– I have the money I need to do what I want 

– Money comes to me easily 

As you can see there really are mantras for everything. So whenever you feel discouraged and in need of some inspiration, pick a mantra out of your list and repeat it until you believe it. Trust me, it will change your life. Now get going and experience that mantra magic. 


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