Fridays are for Friends

Day 223: Friday August 11, 2017

How did I miss day 222? I’m a watch the clock for 11:11 and 12:34 girl. I like number continuity. How did I miss 222? Ok sorry guys rant over. 

I woke up all motivated today after a great night’s sleep. Days are always easier to get through when you wake up actually feeling rested and not completely drained and exhausted before your day even starts. 

Work was pretty much a blur today. I was the only one in my section so I was working on multiple things all kind of running together so needless to say I was working ridiculously hard to not mix things up and make sure everything got done in the right order. Today was one of those “throw you into the water to see if you can swim” kind of days, and it was awesome. Now let’s be honest at first I was a little stressed out being alone with all that work as my responsibility but I decided to look it from another perspective. Today was a chance to show what I’m capable of. I was able to take on these tasks and prove that I can do my job well. Throughout the day when I got feeling a little stressed I just reminded myself that I am fully capable of doing this job, that I know my stuff, and that I will succeed. Awesome things happen when you put that positive thinking to work. 

I was having an awesome podcast listening session at work today when I listened to an episode of the Lively Show with Jess Lively. It was an episode on which she had the incomparable Danielle Laporte. Now if you’ve read my stuff before you’ll know how much of a fan I am of Danielle’s. I find everything she says just resonates so deeply with my soul. I know that everyone has people who, regardless of what they say, it just speaks directly to their soul and their core being. For me, Danielle is that person. Everything she says whether about personal life, work, well being, romantic life, everything just sounds so right to me. Everything just makes so much sense when she says it. She puts life into a perspective for me that makes my purpose feel so much clearer than ever before. I am so grateful for having come across Danielle and her way of seeing the world and our lives. I knew I was put on this spiritual and life journey for a reason; I’ve always wanted to do something more with my life, and Danielle Laporte is one of those people who is an invaluable aspect of my growth on this journey. 

Today my Danielle Laporte fix didn’t end with just podcast episodes. I was fortunate enough to receive her book The Desire Map from a really good friend of mine along with a few other amazing gifts for my birthday (can you say Wonder Woman things and a donut bathbomb, that’s right, donut bathbomb). I’m just so grateful for having such wonderful people in my life. Life can get crazy and bring us down at times and having people that support you and love you give you that buffer and support to get through those hard times. In today’s climate of social media it makes it easier to find people around the world or down the block who share your interests, views, and goals. Find your people. Find your tribe and make some good friends. Those friendships can help you learn, grow, and become the person you want to become. 

I tried to keep my workout easy today because my body is still a little sore and sensitive (thank you stubborn medical condition) but I’d much rather take it easy for a day as a precaution than push it too far and be off weeks because of pain from it. I did the treadmill at my normal pace but no incline to not annoy or irritate my body. Oh my gosh you guys, going from maximum incline to no incline at all is sooooooo much easier. I know I have to take it easy but I enjoy pushing myself with my workouts so making myself take it easy was my workout challenge for today. 

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful week. This week has been hectic, fun, interesting, and about a hundred other things. I’ve learned a lot this week and now with ‘The Desire Map’ I’ll be learning a lot more and I cannot wait. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Cheers!


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