My Day with a Unicorn

Day 224: Saturday August 12, 2017

Happy weekend everyone. Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend. Today was a crazy busy one but I find those are the best ones. 

I know I didn’t get a workout in today but that’s not what I’m going to focus on today. I was up early and it was go go go until about 9:30pm so I’m going to allow for today’s lax fitness plan because oh my gosh I was walking a ton with all the running around. 

Today was a family day. Everyone came over to celebrate my birthday (25 oh boy let’s go quarter century crisis). I love whenever we get together; it’s always hours of food, fun, and laughter. I really never get tired of having family so close. It always fills me up with so much happiness and gratitude. Whatever that looks like for you, find your heart fuel and soul food and fill yourself up. Whether that looks like yoga with the sunrise, reading a good book, going to a workout class, or having a relaxing bubble bath, get your soul and body what it needs. 

So I know this isn’t a long post but it was all about priorities today. I could have snuck away and made some notes about what I wanted to write today or even cranked out something but then I would have missed out on what really matters. I would have missed out on the fun. I would have missed out on making those memories. I would have missed out on all those laughs. So today I made priorities and chose family over writing and I think that’s the best choice I could have made. 

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful Saturday. I hope it was either productive, relaxing, whatever you needed it to be. Here’s to an equally awesome Sunday. Cheers! 

Sorry but this cake you guys. Huge thanks to Top of the Hill Bakery for making this amazing cake. 


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