Sundays are Good Sun Days

Day 225: Sunday August 13, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone’s had a fabulous weekend. The weather this weekend was all over the place, from raining and hail storms yesterday to gorgeous, hot, and sunny today, this summer weather is all over the place. 

Since the weather was so beautiful today, being outside was a must. The pool is still cold from all the rain and that crazy hail storm yesterday (hail in August, that may be a first for me), so I wasn’t going to go swimming. Instead I grabbed my new book,  The Desire Map by the incomparable Danielle LaPorte and headed out to the deck. It was so relaxing and refuelling to feel the heat, breathe in the lovely fresh air, listen to the bees buzzing and birds chirping, and just enjoy this beautiful day. The fact that I was reading an amazing book made it that much better. I stayed outside a good two hours. Taking breaks from reading just to sit there and take in the day and appreciate the little things.   

I was really productive today in terms of the blog today so that was an added bonus. I’ve been feeling extra inspired with writing lately (no idea why but I’m just going to go with it) so I’ve just been doing a lot of bullet point lists and ideas for future posts. I also was on a bit of a Pinterest tear today. I’ve read a lot recently how to use Pinterest to help with blogs and the advice out there can go from crazy confusing algorithms to totally simple little things. If you know me you’ll know how not computer savvy I am so anything that requires some fancy algorithm isn’t going to be something I’m good at. I am open to trying new things for the blog so I’m excited to see if this increases viewership or gives me any ideas. How do you gain viewers? Even more, how do you make those new blog connections? I’d love to find more blogs to read and make new connections but I really don’t know where I’d start. 

I was feeling lazy today workout-wise (blame the hot weather I was basically a cat laying in the sun). Despite my serious urge to remain I a reading blob on a patio chair I decided to do some yoga. My body felt much better today. I was able to do the poses much deeper than last week and I was feeling much more connected to my practice. I didn’t have a planned flow in mind. Instead, I just did what my body was telling me to do. I focused more on just really getting into the pose and ensuring it was done properly and as long as I could. I cannot wait for the day I’ll be able to hold a complicated pose and be able to look back and see how far I’ve come. Slowly but surely but I’ll get there. 

Hope everyone’s had a fabulous weekend. I’m looking forward to this week for new work challenges and adventures. Here’s to an upcoming week full of challenge accepting, goal crushing, and overall awesomeness. Cheers!


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