Bed Rest Blues

Day 295: Sunday October 22, 2017 Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend; whether it have been a busy, relaxing, fun, productive one, and no matter how quickly it's gone by. My weekend has not been a fun one that's for sure but that's to be expected. I'm still here on my... Continue Reading →


Road to Recovery

Day 293: Friday October 20, 2017 So as you guys could guess, I've been MIA for the past few days. I had an awesome trip with a friend, got home, and got very sick. Now I'm not at all happy about the getting sick part but the timing was impeccable. This trip was something I'd... Continue Reading →

Tourist In My Town

Day 287: Saturday October 14, 2017 Happy weekend everyone. Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday. I love me the weekends for so many things. I always (at least try) to catch up on my sleep on the weekends and don't set alarms unless I have to. I mean, who really wants to set alarms... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday 

Day 286: Friday October 13, 2017 TGIF everyone! Hope everyone's having a fabulous Friday. As usual the week has flown by but I was actually ok with that since I'm looking forward to a girls getaway next week. A friend and I are going on a much needed "escape from reality have as much fun... Continue Reading →

Tea Time

Day 285: Thursday October 12, 2017 Happy Thursday everyone. Hope you're all rocking this week and crushing the goals you're setting for yourself. Today was another crazy day but those are good with me. As long as I go through the day and by the time my head hits the pillow I've learned at least... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Priorities Wisely

Day 284: Wednesday October 11, 2017 Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful week, kicking ass, taking names, that sort of thing. The weather was seriously nippy today; ok maybe not seriously nippy but definitely a change from the gorgeous heat we had last week. I will admit I am excited about... Continue Reading →

Learn Your Love Language

Day 283: Tuesday October 10, 2017 Oh my gosh my vibration is off today you guys. I woke up feeling ridiculously sick and unwell (thank you hydrocephalus nerve damage and complications) so right out of bed my vibration was on a bad level. It really is difficult to put on that positive happy face and... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks and Taking Care of Myself

Day 282: Monday October 9, 2017 Happy make it count Monday everyone! Today is day 3 of my wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and I can't believe how fast it's gone. This weekend has been such a wonderful mix of fun, friends, family, food, writing, exercise, everything that makes my day better and helps to fill up... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Tea

Day 280: Saturday October 7, 2017 Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend getting as much out of these, always too short 48 hours, as possible. I got an oh so lovely cold a few days ago and I've been trying to keep it at bay with as much water, tea, and... Continue Reading →

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