Baker Street Cafe: Breakfast of Champions 

Ok so if you've read anything on here you know I pretty much live for food. I love food, all kinds of food. I also love trying new restaurants, if it's got delicious food I automatically want to know about it, eat there, and partake in the deliciousness. So when a girlfriend of mine suggested... Continue Reading →


Tasty Thursday: Cafe Latte Cino 

Coffee coffee coffee. Ok sorry just got a little excited. I am a big fan of the coffee. I like lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, regular coffee, all things coffee.  I also am slightly obsessed with good cake and cheesecake, ok all really well made pastries. They're always my go to if I want to celebrate something,... Continue Reading →

Cheddar Cheese and Macaroni 

 Who doesn't love comfort food? Everyone has those days when you want to throw healthy eating by the wayside and have something indulgent. Ok it may not be everyone but I certainly have those days. On days like those I try to have comfort food but somehow turn it as healthy as I can; make... Continue Reading →

Burger Bliss 

So I went out for lunch on Friday with some coworkers and we went to this place I'd never heard of, Manhattan's Hand-Made Burgers. It was insanely delicious.   I'm a big burger fan. I don't eat them often because I try to keep them as a cheat day meal so I don't overdo it... Continue Reading →

Flipping for Flapjacks

Just in case this isn't already obvious, I'm a bit obsessed with food. I love trying new foods, exploring new food combinations, really anything to do with food. I'm really glad I'm not a fussy eater; I just can't imagine missing out on all the amazing food this world has to offer.  I love exploring... Continue Reading →

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