Pieces of My Personality

Finding out my personality type has been something I’ve been curious about for quite a while. It’s fascinating how we are all so different with such different views, interests, and passions, yet when you boil it down to a five factor test we really aren’t all that different. I took my own Myers Briggs personality... Continue Reading →


Woman Crush Wednesday: Kathrin Zenkina

What do you think of when I say the word “manifesting”? Is it something you’ve even heard of before? If you’re like myself you’ve heard about manifesting but what it really entails and its true power is lost on you. Well, that was me until a few months ago. When I began to hear about... Continue Reading →

Scars and Stories

Alright, major truth is about to be dropped here. With hydrocephalus I've had lots of surgeries; it's around 20-something, I've honestly lost count. With all these surgeries I've collected a rather impressive (in terms of contest fuel) collection of scars. Most of the time I don't even notice my scars; they're part of me like... Continue Reading →

What’s My Story?

I recently saw a video by my favourite powerhouse entrepreneur couple Lori and Chris Harder and they dropped a majorly thought provoking question that I just had to share. They were talking about stories; the stories we tell ourselves about how our lives are, how they have been, and how they have to be. This... Continue Reading →

Woman Crush Wednesday: Katie Dalebout

If you’ve read any of my blog posts you’ll know I’m full on obsessed with podcasts. I love how diverse they are i covering their range of topics and all the different hosts of them. I first heard about today’s Woman Crush Wednesday while listening to an episode of Radically Loved with Rosie Acosta. During... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday: Hoodie Allen

Alright so I’m going to try and write this with a journalistic pen and not with a fangirling brain but I really can’t make any promises. I love concerts, I have for as long as I can remember. I love pretty much everything about them. I love the loud music, I love the screaming fans,... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Changing For You

I really don’t follow the relationship handbook. I never say the right thing and it’s always at the wrong time. I’m blunt, sarcastic, and laugh under my breath at unbelievably corny jokes. I really suck at communication when I get frustrated (can you say ‘put that wall up’?). But I am working on those and... Continue Reading →

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