Dear drunk me

Dear drunk me, Wow, you're drunk. This is rare. And no I'm not saying this sarcastically, you hardly ever drink let alone drink more than one of something.  Now I'm not judging you for this not being a regular thing, if anything I'm sure your liver is thankful you've been such an academic bookwormer rather... Continue Reading →


Dear heartbroken me

Dear heartbroken me, I am so sorry you are in this pain. Having a broken heart is one of the worst pains you can experience and unfortunately most of us go through it at least once.  Now since I've been where you are right now, a few times unfortunately, I'm not going to tell you... Continue Reading →

Dear lonely me

Dear lonely me, I'm so sorry you feel this way. We all have those times where we just feel alone in the world. And here's the thing, the more we accept this feeling, the more we see it around us. So here's my advice to you.  First things first, make sure you find out how... Continue Reading →

What the End of 24 Means to Me

Day 218: Sunday August 6, 2017 Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, whether at work or enjoying some time off. Today marks day two of my family weekend trip and it was another crazy one.  Today started off bright and early, as most trip days do. I think it's the feeling... Continue Reading →

It’s a Wonderful Life, Isn’t It

Day 217: Saturday August 5, 2017 Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. This weekend is a trip weekend for me so I'm soaking in every moment and absolutely loving it.  I got to go to Seneca Falls, New York. Now if you're like me and have never before heard of it,... Continue Reading →

Holy crap it’s a dragon 

Day 211: Sunday July 30, 2017 Happy Sunday everyone. Hope everyone enjoyed their day, and if you were fortunate like me, enjoyed the amazing weather we had. My Sunday was absolutely packed with fun so it was definitely a successful day for me ✅.  My day started bright and early because I knew it would... Continue Reading →

Dear worried, anxious me,

Dear worried, anxious me, I'm going to tell you something I wish I could have told you years ago but unfortunately I didn't learn about it until very recently. Being worried and anxious does not benefit you. Being worried about things you have no control over is the biggest waste of your time. If you... Continue Reading →

Day 196: Saturday July 15, 2017

Happy weekend everyone. Once again it's wonderful weekend time. Hope everyone's having a fantastic Saturday however you're spending it. Today was a crazy busy day but I absolutely loved it. My day started early because I was meeting a friend to go out for breakfast. So I got up early, got all ready, and headed... Continue Reading →

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